Monday, 4 February 2013

My First Blog

soooo, hi all :)
This is my first blog post, so I have no idea whether or not I'll be able to keep this up... but no harm in trying ey??
Okay, so my name is Stacey, I'm 15, and I am a member of Wattpad, and have been for the last year or two.
I write horror, fantasy and adventure novels, yet all my books have a slight horror twist, but if I write a specialised horror story, it's pretty much garanteed it'll be gruesome horror. Apologies.
My main forcuses at the moment are "Running Through The Whisper Of Lies" which is a mainly horror story, with threads of fantasy and adventure entwined within.
"My mother was the first to die, a swift bite to her throat sent her head rolling from her shoulders, her eyes staring lifelessly at the cieling. My brother was gutted in one quick swipe, who knew someone's small intestine could be so big? My best friend was hit with a tail, sending her sprawling into a sword one of the men were brandishing as they tried to save her. And me? A nip to the jugular vein took my life"
Another project I've recently started working on is "Even If You Were The Last Boy On Earth? I'd Still Kill You" which is an action/adventure novel. This is a book about a school for assassins that is linked to a range of schools for spies.
"Our school was a lie. Not only to the public eye, but to the very people who built it, expecting it to be a school for spies. Romea's Juvenile Centre For Girls teaches it's pupils things they'd never learn elsewhere. From the ability to take someone's life so quickly and swiftly, they wouldn't even feel the pain, to the power to draw out someones pain for so long, they'll be screaming and begging for their inevitable death."
 However, I haven't got much futher than the fourth chapter with this.
My last main project is "The Whisperers" which is a heavily fantasy and adventure book as well as being set in the 1600's, and it includes very little horror in at all. This is the novel I've got farthest with.
"I ran alongside the deer, reaching impossible speeds as I kept up with it, and then I slipped on a snowy branch. Taking it in my stride I turned it into a dive, tackling the skitterish creature as I fell from the tree, as I slit it's throat I heard footsteps behind me, and I regretted not heeding my father's words and covering my face to hide the tattoo I was born with. The one that signalled me out from everyone else. I got to my feet and ran, trying to drag the lifeless corpse of the deer with me, before I heard a shot, and I felt pain blossom between my shoulder blades as I fell to my knees and blacked out, the last thing I saw being the sun reflecting off of my blood red hair. What a beautiful sight."
I also have lots of mini projects going on, ranging from a homeless girl, to vampires in a hotel, to a girl bringing about the apololypse.
I've also made a split second decision to sign off every blog entry with lyrics from the song I'm listening I'm listening to when I sign off.
Your humble Servant,
Stacey Jackson
We could've saved him,
they could've saved me.
But instead I'm here drowning
in my own f**king mind,
and I'll be damned if you're the death of me.
~ Asking Alexandria; The final episode (let's change the channel)

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